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                   Following The AKC Standard

We dock tails on all our European Rottweiler Puppies

     "Natural Tails Under Customer Request Only"

Welcome to Haus Der Grossen Pfoten Rottweilers. For over 18 Years, Haus Der Grossen Pfoten has built a strong reputation for High Quality Rottweilers. We are producing Rottweilers with huge square heads and wide, short muzzles. Haus Der Grossen Pfoten carefully selects, and is breeding only with the best Rottweiler Studs around the world. Those who were selected, are to be mated with our breeding females. Studs were chosen by his personality, character, beauty, and have had several generations free of dysplasia and other genetic defects or disorders. When we had decided on raising and caring for Rottweilers in 2003, we were committed on raising quality, and vow to only use the best of the best of the breed, and to produce excellent quality puppies for breeding, show, work, or just a high quality Rottweiler. We offer German Rottweilers for sale. We are a European Rottweiler breeder in Texas and breed full blooded rottweiler puppies. We have only a couple litters a year so reservations are highly recommended. Feel free to contact us for actual, or future planning litters. Thank you!


                                                                   Shipping Worldwide



We offer 100% breeder support and encourage our buyers to stay in contact when they feel the need to do so. Your questions are always welcome whether you are having a problem or just need training or feeding tips. We take our customer care very seriously and will do our very best to return missed phone calls or emails with 24 hours. If you have decided to purchase a new family member from Haus Der Grossen Pfoten, here are some important steps to follow to get you started.


1. Call us first to check availability as availability can change daily.


2. Young or unborn puppies require a deposit. Deposits are accepted on unborn and very young puppies. Breeder will hold puppy until eight weeks of age. Payment is due in full by the age of 6 weeks if said puppy is being shipped. Cash only upon pick up at 8 weeks of age. Due to the high demand from our World Class breeding program, DEPOSITS ARE NOT REFUNDABLE. In the event a suitable puppy is not available from the litter the deposit was intended for the deposit will be moved to the next available litter. If you are unable to pick up your puppy NO MONIES WILL BE REFUNDED.  All credit card payments accepted for deposits only and are FINAL: they CANNOT be credited for ANY reason. Buyer waives their right to dispute for funds through their credit card company against merchant for ANY reason.


3. Balance must be paid in full when puppy reaches 6 weeks of age if puppy is being shipped.


4. At 8 weeks of age puppies are ready to be picked up or shipped via the airlines. Buyers are responsible for all airline fees if puppy is to be shipped. We will provide the necessary health certificates for shipping. We are german rottweiler breeders and do have rottweiler puppies for sale

Reservations Highly Recommended!!!

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